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4 Hot and Bold Lip Colors You Should Be Sporting This Season!

By Ezinne Onyearugha

These days, I noticed I have been gravitating towards lipsticks. They are simply awesome! You’ll want “statement-making” lip colours without actually having to say anything. These colors can be paired with the Smokey eyes (only if you are daring enough!) or just liquid liner with loads of lashes, perfect skin for the bold colors do their thing. Okay, these are a few colours, we ladies should be rocking.


  • Hot Pink:



It’s fierce although it gives that young “Barbie” look that everyone and their mamas wants to imitate. Just make sure you test out the shades at home or at a makeup counter before venturing out with those lips!

  • Deep Red:



This color is simply classic… and dangerous! It gives that “Yes o! I have arrived!” kind of look. You can’t go wrong with it… or wait… you can, if you don’t get the right shade for your skin tone. I personally love matte red lipstick.

  • Tangerine-Red:



It’s perfect for transitioning into the summer! Best used with neutral colored outfits such as white, black or tan.

  • Coral:



This color is a neutral color so it works for everyone! Just try out different shades to see what suits you!

Femme Fatale Beauty: “Life’s Short. Stay Beautiful!”

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