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How to Dress to Impress at Work

Your appearance at work is very important because one way or another it gives both your colleagues and customers an impression of who you are, so you have to dress to impress.

I remember vividly, back then at school, there was this lecturer that just hated seeing students with rumpled outfits. He would walk you out of the class once he sets eyes on your rumpled outfits. I wondered what exactly was his problem with the clothing – it’s not like his lecture had anything to do with fashion. Finally, one fateful day, he explained that when you look disorganized in your dressing, it automatically told him you’re an unserious person in general.  How could he teach someone that’s not going to take his lectures seriously?

This made sense, the truth is that the first thing which creates an impression of who you are is your physical appearance. How you choose to dress is a big part of the personal statement you make about yourself and it is what people observe once you walk into a room.

This is also true in the corporate world. You need to dress properly and smart in a professional work environment, as it could help you move up in your career or affect your vocation negatively. Yes, being in a work environment is stressful enough – the headache of handling professional relationships, frankly it’s exhausting – Dealing with that on a daily basis can innocuously make one stop giving attention to their appearance.

Below are some impressive work outfit inspirations #Beinspired

First impression counts

‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ does not apply when it comes to your appearance, you are judged by how you look. On the other hand, if the cover of the book is amazing it probably will not only get the required attention but also the appreciation it deserves. That is why our appearance has an enormous role to play with the impressions we leave on people at every point, especially in the work environment.

Furthermore, believe it or not, when you dress well people will take note of the effort you put in looking presentable and would be able to trust your judgment, but when you dress shabbily your words might not be taken seriously.

Dressing well boosts your confidence

When you have a healthy dose of self-esteem and feel good about yourself, a sidewalk would feel more like a catwalk. Your dress sense has a way of making you feel depressed or excited and could define your body language. When you look confident you’re approachable and you instantly believe in your ability to do anything. Your clothes might just be the boost you need to have a successful presentation or secure that contract.

The ‘feel good’ feeling

Nothing gives you a greater satisfactory feeling like a compliment. It makes you feel like nothing can ruin your day or put you in a bad mood.


Impromptu run-ins or meetings

So I’ve experienced this and it felt horrible. You know one of those Fridays you feel it’s just a laid back kind of day with nothing much to do? Well, I had an unplanned meeting to attend and went with my colleague – they didn’t give me much of a listening ear. I felt bad because I didn’t get the opportunity to express myself in front of the audience and that’s what happens when you don’t give attention to your dressing.

Suffice it to say you always have to look good because you never know who you might run into – imagine running into someone you’ve been crushing on at work and you’re under-dressed, gosh, it can put a permanent end to things even before they start.

Dressing up can boost your creativity

It’s not easy coming up with ideas on how to pair a dress colour that would match a shoe, or try out an accessory that could go with a bag, all these require creativity. It follows then, that while doing these, you develop a creative mind and can get better at how to push proposals or score an interview, or even get inspired on how to handle a project you want to take on.

Just because….

Having listed lots of reasonable facts why it’s necessary to dress to impress at work, above all, your reason should be to dress well just because it makes you feel great about yourself.

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Becky Onoise

Becky Onoise is a psychologist, chocolate junkie, and puppy lover. A writer who is sorry... not sorry about correcting your grammar. She's a word enthusiast and aims to achieve her goals. Instagram handle @mz_berkey



  1. Ptahyor

    12th October 2017 at 10:45 am

    The article is lit. It reminds me of 2face track ‘Steady Steady’ where he used the line ‘if you dress well well them go address you well well,

  2. Becky Onoise

    Becky Onoise

    12th October 2017 at 10:54 am

    Thank you 😉

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