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20% Off Business Killers Book - Why are businesses failing?

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Address Yaba, Lagos
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Global economic meltdown, the Nigerian syndrome, economic down turn, the vocabulary is endless an aim to describe that the business world is in shamble. Entrepreneurs are barely making ends meet, offices strive to pay bills. CEOs are confused.
With these countries are still rolling out budget in their trillions, so why are the majority of businesses ailing, failing and dying? The answers are concealed in the secret pages of the book, Business Killers.
The aim of Business Killers is to unveil the reason businesses are failing. The big question asked in the book is WHY ARE BUSINESSES FAILING?
Would you like to know why businesses are failing? Would you like to know why your business is ailing? Do you want to know why what you call a business is just a cash flow management scheme? Then you need to read BUSINESS KILLERS.
This book focuses on the forces that are out there to kill business. These forces are CALLED “Business Killers”.
You would journey through the actions of these killers, the realization that would strike you in the course of reading this book is that, a thriving business may actually be heading for the rocks or death, even though, this may be unknown to the owners. This book will unveil the steps to take, to start and preserve a business; and then how to detect, avoid and combat Business Killers.
It is good for CEOs, SMEs, those interested in starting their own business and the general business world - a help tool that must be by the side of all that are interested in running a successful business empire.
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