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YOUR BUSINESS SCARES AWAY YOUR CUSTOMERS - Learn How to Increase Profit in hard times like these

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Address Ikoyi, Lagos
Contact No. +234 803 474 8093
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So MANY BUSINESSES ARE UNDERPERFORMING and running at a loss, while business owners groan within; they don’t know how to tackle the challenges and are too SECRETIVE to declare that they are BANKRUPT.
The rate of growth of micro-businesses are on the increase, sad to note that as with the growth so is the exit from the business scene. The big Question is WHY?
The answer is not as difficult as setting up a business. It is concealed in this secret that has taken the key presenter several decades of research to unveil. After these many years he discovered that beyond finance and other business requirements, Businesses all over the globe are suffering from one ailment.
That ailment has continued to scare the key source of survival to any business from that business, and of cause you know that without CUSTOMERS no business would survive.
This ailment of scare has several components, which has continually led to the collapse of several businesses and organization, and these ailment needs to be cured, the reason for this seminar and training.
You certainly would like to know, what would make a business to be scary to customers. It should be made clear to you that in the midst of the economic hardship so many organizations in your field of operation are making money while you are struggling to pay bills, rentals, salary all at the expense of neglecting your life.
Stop by at this event Before you quit, there are secrets to be revealed to you that would completely change and revolutionize your business towards an increased profit, no matter the economy, political situation and many more reasons people give for their business failure.
- Business owners (Entrepreneurs)
- Employers
- Employees
- SMEs
- Shop owners
- New entrants to business
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