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About the Course: The Certificate Web Design & Development Training course will take you through the fundamentals of web design & development and you will start working on a website project right away creating your own web pages during the training. At the end of this course you will have acquired a good understanding of what web design & development is all about like the importance of web standards,designing for a variety of web browsers and displays and how to make your websites accessible to all users and devices and start creating websites you can upload for all the world to see! This course also include a FREE module in Entrepreneurship Development, designed to equip our graduates in all our certificate programmes with the requisite knowledge and skills needed to help them establish and successfully run a business at the end of the training. Recommended Background: Our well packaged Web Design & Development Training course will take you through how you can get started designing web pages, our assumption is that you have little or no knowledge in this subject as we will be taking you step-by-step with no step skipped. What you will learn: The technologies you will be learning are HTML,HTML4, Cascading Style Sheets, PHP which is a Server Side scripting language the most popular scripting language on the web used to enhance web pages.If you are thinking of getting a web design job at the end of the course, knowing PHP programming is a must have skill! The Web Design & Development Training will take you through Javascript and other cool stuffs to get you well grounded and hit the ground running at the end of the training. You’ll also be learning how to design awesome interfaces and responsive websites with Twitter Bootstrap framework!
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