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GE Plans To Expand Its Services In Africa Via Nigeria

World renowned research, products and services corporation GE has expressed plans to expand its solutions and services to Africa, by building a hub in Nigeria. This expansion – like IBM created a research center in Kenya a few months back – will have GE take on more solutions in Africa, for every aspect of its business. GE deals in consumer products, energy, electronics, electrical distribution, aviation, railway and vehicles, with revenue of over $100 billion yearly.

Discussing GE plans for Africa, the chief executive of GE Nigeria, Lazarus Angbazo, said to Buisness Day that, “The reason we are focusing on Nigeria is that it is big, it has tremendous upside opportunities compared to other African Countries. Compared to Nigeria’s GDP of $270 billion or budget ($31 billion) it is easy to understand the scope of GE operations globally.”

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