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3 Customer Service Skills That Customers Won’t Forget


It is difficult to appreciate good customer service if you’ve never encountered bad service. Businesses are realising now more than ever, that excellent customer service is one of the key components to running a successful business and maintaining loyal customers. In commemoration of customer service week, here are a few customer service tips that I have experienced that have made me a loyal customer.

Inviting Smile

A smile truly does brighten up your whole day. There is nothing I hate more than to walk into a business and see attendants frowning. It immediately alters my mood and also causes a grey cloud to hover over the atmosphere. Smiles have brightened my mood and encouraged me on a bad day, so always remember to smile!

Soft Tone of Voice

It is a common saying that “It’s not what you say, but how you say it” and this has proven to be true. Some of my best customer service encounters have entailed soft, calm, and warm tones of voice! Nothing beats someone speaking to and communicating with you in a polite manner.

Listening Skills

Listening skills are key in customer service! Customers want to be heard and they want to know that they are cared about as a person, and not just another number that will be added to the company’s daily income. Thank you to all those employees that have listened to me and addressed my needs, whether positive or negative!

No matter your place of work, remember to smile, speak politely and listen. If you apply these three things, you will leave warm memories with your customers, and hopefully be creating loyal ones. Here is to better customer service and healthier growing businesses. Happy customer service week!

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