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Uduak Isong Releases ‘Lost In London’

Closer Pictures proudly announces the release of  LOST IN LONDON, starring Ime Bishop Umoh & Alex Ekubo, along with FunnyBone, Ella Betts, Kemi OlofinMakin, James Morgan and many others.

Lost in London is a hilarious tale about Okon & Bona, young students who get selected for an exchange program in London. They attempt to earn some precious Pounds before returning to Nigeria and experience culture shock & all sorts of trouble. But Okon & Bona are made of sterner stuff and every step of the way, prove that the Nigerian spirit cannot be broken.

Lost in London is the third sequel in the successful Okon franchise – Okon Lagos and Okon Goes To School – the films that created the much-beloved Okon character & made a superstar of Ime Bishop Umoh, who recently made headline news with his AMVCA win.  

In Lost in London, Ime Bishop Umoh is at the top of his game, making a moment of every one of his scenes. Alex Ekubo, versatile as a drama actor & a comedic one brings his comic chops to the fore in this movie, achieving excellent chemistry with his co-star.

Lost In London is a collaboration between Uduak Isong Oguamanan, writer and producer, and Sunkanmi Adebayo, director, both of who studied in England and are using the film as a medium to showcase their rich Nigerian Heritage and  British educational influence.

Lost In London will be at the cinemas across Nigeria on the 9th of June.

Watch the trailer below:

Behind the scenes and some clips from the movie:


Click here to read Joy Ehonwa’s conversation with Uduak Isong.

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