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AgroFood, the Exhibition that Steers the Nigerian Food and Agriculture Technology, Holds from the 13th to 15th of July

AgroFood Nigeria is opening its doors from the 13th to 15th of July 2017 with Elan Expo, the international company operating in over 30 countries and gives exhibitors opportunities to enter new markets since its inception in 1997 at the Landmark Centre in Victoria Island, Lagos.

Nigeria aims to develop the food and agriculture technologies sector with latest investments. However, it is still at an important importer position.  As it is in other climes, there are continuous demands and room for development in food and agriculture sectors in Nigeria.

The power of 182 million people and the growing purchase potential makes Nigeria an inevitable import center for the sectors. As a result of these potentials and necessities, the Nigeria AgroFood brings together manufacturers of food and agriculture technologies from different countries to Nigeria. In this way, while exhibitors meet their potential buyers, visitors can find a wide range of products according to their demands and needs.

 The Nigeria AgroFood Expo is the meeting point for policy makers, industry professionals, captains of industries and other stakeholders to meet, see and experience first-hand the latest trends and technologies in food and agriculture technologies, therefore discovering new ideas and strengthening business partnerships.

Nigeria AgroFood has wide range of product for all segments such as food processing and packaging machinery; beverage and beverage technology; frozen, bottled, canned, chilled, and live foods, diet foods; milk and milk products; meat and meat products; agricultural products, machinery, equipment, and accessories; seeds, chemicals, fertilizers, plant protection drugs; water treatment and water management systems; packaging systems and products, and more are exhibited in this important event. Aside from the wide range of products, AgroFood Expo offers these products with special campaigns and events during the exhibition.

Be a part of this lucrative event with numerous local and international industry leading companies by visiting the Nigeria AgroFood Expo on 13-15 July at the Landmark Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos.

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