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Makeuptainment: This Makeup Saga

Makeuptainment: This Makeup Saga

E don teh, no be today! From the Copper and Lead ore used by the ancient Egyptians (Pharaoh , Nefertiti, Nefertari, Cleopatra etc) to create the world’s first cosmetics, to our recent scientifically advanced products that have seen the rise of international brands like MAC, Iman, MaryKay, BlackUp etc, and our home grown brands with international standards such as House of Tara Int’l, TAOS Inc, BMPro, Heggai&Esther, to mention a few.

This rise and rise in makeup products, their original contents, and our new age contents, have raised a lot of health related questions which we would also be discussing in series to come. But this I’ll tell you from experience; most high end brands (if na original weh you buy ooo) are dermatological tested, and will not give you skin issues. But again, if you have a sensitive skin, be sure to use what works for your skin type. The ancient Egyptians and Asians made use of a lot of natural substances to get the colours they applied, but we really can’t do that now. Imagine all these brands producing strictly organic products. Mon Dieu! We may not even have food left to eat because everything for don turn makeup…(LOL!) So maybe we can say that the early folks had it great when it comes to content, but I’ll say it only gets better….nothing dey happen! Just stick with original!

Makeup and its industry have come a mighty long way, so get with the program my darlings, because we and our bruhaha ain’t going extinct anytime soon!

On this column, we will be discussing EVERY and ANYTHING makeup. Stuffs like: makeup history, trends, to Nike a.k.a arc or not to Nike your brows, how to achieve the perfect brow arc for your face shape, game changers in our makeup industry, etc.

So in Tubabas’ voice ,”pull up a cushion, sit back and listen….. “. Get a cup of whatever makes you chill and be ready to get MAKEUPTAINED !

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Akachi Nwoke

Akachi Nwoke is a Makeup artist at House of Tara Int'l and also a Writer and a Gardner. She'll love to visit all the beautiful cities in the world! Follow her on Instagram @akchy_mua

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1 Comment


    30th June 2017 at 10:27 am

    Akachi Nwoke I have not just heard of your mastery at makeup ,I have also experienced it…u are a talented celebrity… Am ur number one fan you loads

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