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10 Items That’ll Save You During Wardrobe Emergencies

It’s a beautiful Monday morning, you received a job  interview invitation over the weekend. You had picked up your beautiful well ironed  black corporate dress. You arrive at the venue early as there was no traffic on your route. Right when its your turn to be interviewed, you noticed your zipper had malfunctioned. As you try to overlook that, you hear a tear sound. A quick investigation reveals that your dress is the culprit. Looking around to check if any one saw this classic wardrobe embarrassment, you notice the queue of other attendees avoiding your eye. What do you do?

Many of us would preferably look for the nearest clothing stores to get a new dress. But sometimes a quick fix can save the day. Problem is, we don’t always have the right tools with us. Here’s a list of items is won’t hurt to carry with you in case of such emergencies:

    1. Pencil: Speculating on what this item has to do with your clothes? When your clothes zipper gets stuck or caught on something, pencils work like magic, rub the pencil on the zipper’ teeth to get it to come down.

Photo: Real Simple

    2. Lip balm: When Pencils are not available, use a lubricant. That lip balm you have in your purse is a lubricant, if not, use a petroleum jelly. Start with the zipper up and slowly apply to the teeth. Inch the zipper once more and reapply. Do this till the zipper comes all the way down, that is if the zipper is caught with the fabric.

Photo: Senseful Style

    3. Key Ring: when your zipper refuses to stay up, fix a key ring to the edge of the zipper and attach to the jean’s button. It secures the zipper effortlessly. If you do not have try a rubber band.

Photo: AroonMelane

    4. Fashion Tape: Bra strap Flash is a common clothing malfunction women face, it becomes annoying when the bra strap happens not to be the same color as the cloth. Well! Attach a bit of fashion tape to your bra strap and stick to your top. Bravo!  This will keep it out of sight. When you wear a strapless dress, attach also a thick fashion tape and use to secure the dress to your bra.

Photo: Groupon

    5. Safety Pin: Always slip in a pack of safety pins in your purse, you never can tell when you need one. You can at least have a temporary solution to avert any wardrobe embarrassment. Who knows a button may fall off or a zipper might get stuck.

    6. Stain Removing Sponge: A slip of the hand can drown a package of stains on you. You can spare yourself the mortification by having a stain removal sponge on you. Or notice deodorant stain on your apparel, get yourself a deodorant removal sponge.


    7. Belt: Broken or Torn Bag Handles, replace with leather belts.  Get a glue or pin to attach it to your bag top and you are good to go.

    8. Eraser: This is a common item one should be familiar with. The back of your earrings can sometimes mysteriously disappear. If you have a pencil eraser close by, cut a piece and attach to the back of the earring to keep it in place.


    9. Scarf: This item shouldn’t leave your bag. When in doubt, use a scarf. It can immediately cover your mishap. Scarf can be used as a kimono, a sweater, shirt and skirt. All you need is a scarf and a creative mind, alongside a pair of scissors sometimes and you are good.

    10. A Simple Sewing Kit: This should consist of your needle, threads, buttons and a pair of scissors. This life saving kit can turn up tricks you are not aware of when you so desire it.

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Adepeju Adenuga

Adepeju Adenuga is a writer (considering where you are reading this, makes perfect sense). She holds a Masters Degree in Literature in English from the University of Lagos.

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1 Comment

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