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Tech Tuesday: How To Use YouTube In Dark Mode

Support for browser extensions came to Microsoft’s Edge browser sometime after the anniversary update. Browser extensions are plug-ins that help make your browsing experience richer and are available on most popular browser like Chrome.

The ‘Enhancer for YouTube’ extension transforms your YouTube viewing experience with customizations like custom themes, cinema mode, ads/annotations removal and so on.

On installing the extension, it brings out a settings’ page where you configure your YouTube interface to have a feel that suits you.

The colour theme customization allows you change your YouTube theme colour to a beautiful black interface instead of the drab white one we’ve all been used to. There’s also a quick menu just at the bottom of the window where you can access some other settings.

Cinema mode puts the video you’re watching in focus and removes all the other elements, making it look like a true video player.

Download the extension here.

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