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 How To Use Night Light To Reduce Computer Eye Strain

Often times, PC users tend to work late hours, especially if they’ve got deadlines to beat. According to a research theory, mobile displays emit bright blue light that disrupts your body’s internal clock at night, thus preventing the secretion of melatonin which is the hormone that’s responsible for causing you to feel sleepy.How To Use Night Light To Reduce Computer Eye

As a result, most mobile devices are equipped with this tiny important feature called Night Light (A.K.A ‘Blue shade’ on Amazon Kindle, and ‘Night Shift’ on MacOS). It reduces the amount of blue light emitted by your display and projects the warmer colours. This will help you get to sleep on time and reduces the strain on your eyes when you’re working at night.

The feature is currently available on PCs running the Windows 10 Creators Update. So, you’ll need to update your devices to use the feature.

How To Use Night Light To Reduce Computer Eye

To enable Night Light, go to Settings >> System >> Display. Clicking on Night light setting will reveal the on/off toggle for Night Light. Here you can choose to have Night Light come on by default at sunset and go off at sunrise, or you can schedule hours that are convenient for you. It comes on and goes off automatically pending the time you scheduled it to do so.

If you’re doing any graphics processing work, you may want to disable the feature due to the fact that such tasks are colour-sensitive.

There’s also an action button for the Action Centre, where you can quickly turn Night Light on or off.

If you do not have the latest Windows update running on your system, you can fall back on third party software that performs the same function as Night Light such as f.lux.

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