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Register for The Windows Insider Program and Enjoy New Windows


Register for The Windows Insider Program and Enjoy New Windows Features

You can enjoy new windows features on your Windows 10 powered PC by registering for the Windows Insider program. The program is Microsoft’s way of involving its loyal users in shaping up the operating system to be more exciting and productive.

Windows’ Insiders get to test the new software first, help fish out bugs, and partner with Microsoft engineers to fix the bugs before the official public release. The program was launched on September 30, 2014, along with Windows 10. It has millions of Windows PC/mobile users onboard.

Once again, the Insider Preview Builds are usually buggy, so you probably would want to think twice before signing up for the Insider program. The program is available to both PC and Windows mobile users.

Microsoft also rewards insiders with gifts and events and other cool stuff.

To join, follow this link.

  • Register using your Microsoft Account (MSA) or create one if you don’t have.
  • After registering, head back to your PC, then go to settings >> Update & Security >> Windows Insider Program.
  • Click on get started, choose your Microsoft account, select the ring you want to join – Fast, Slow or Release Preview. The fast ring will get new preview builds of Windows 10 first. It may, however, come with a lot of bugs.
  • So, if you’re unprepared for this, take any of the other two options, restart your system. Install your first preview build, and enjoy great new Windows 10 features before everyone else.

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