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Remita Mobile App Pushes E-Payments To The Next


Remita Mobile App Pushes E-Payments To The Next Level

Remita is an e-Payment and an e-Collections solution that operates on a single multi-bank platform. The service was adopted by the Central Bank of Nigeria for the payment and collections of funds for the Federal Government of Nigeria. It is used by all 22 commercial banks and over 400 micro finance banks. The service is also popular for its Payroll and HR solution for full integrated processing. It has also been voted severally as Nigeria’s Software of the Year.

The company SystemSpecs, has now finally released the main version of its Remita Mobile Application (which has been in beta since March 2017). The app is available on both Android and iOS mobile platforms and brings great ease to mobile banking and financial management both for the individual and for corporate bodies.

According to John Obaro, managing director SystemSpecs, “Remita App places so much power in the hands of users by making it much easier and faster for them to manage their accounts across various banks and settle bills, on-the-go.”

With the new Remita App, you can view all your different accounts with different banks all on one screen. This helps you access your accounts easily and manage all your account balances with Remita’s multi-bank balance feature. Also, its comprehensive expenses and transactions report would help you monitor your spending so you know when to cut back on expenses.

Remita also offers great ease when it comes to requesting payments from people, and making payments to other people or paying bills. The app also allows you to maintain several personal and corporate profiles and makes it easy for you to switch between all profiles linked to your account when you wish to make or authorise payments.

Security-wise, Remita mobile app uses multifaceted security features such as fingerprint authentication, OTP verification, and your Personal Security Number (PSN), to ensure that transactions are very safe and shielded from the prying eyes of hackers and swindlers.

You can visit their website for more info

Download links are below:

Android app

iOS app

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