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TECH TUESDAY: 7 Things you Do that are Bad for your Smartphone

It’s 2017. Everyone has a smartphone, but not everyone knows the right way to use them. Most people don’t care about the life of their phone, they just want to use it till it’s spent.  Unless you have the money to buy a new phone every quarter of the year, you should really start taking care of your phone.

Are you guilty of abusing your phone or nah? Look below to find out.


Overcharging your phone puts a lot of stress on the battery and weakens it over time. This may include charging it overnight, leaving it plugged in when it is already full, or even charging it too many times in a day. Also, using your phone while it’s still charging is also wrong, you should let it charge and use it later.

Leaving your Screen Brightness at 100% Always

Except you want your phone battery to die in a few hours, you should set your screen brightness to automatically adjust to the lighting conditions around you. A phone’s display consumes a whole lot of power, some mobile displays even get hot from use. This is a bad sign. You should reduce your brightness if you don’t need it at the highest. It also goes easier on your eyes too.

Location and Mobile data/WIFI Always On

If you’re not using the internet and have no need for GPS or Bluetooth, please toggle them off. Firstly, a lot of apps on your phone are consuming your data in the background and leaving it on always means you’ll be buying a new bundle soon. These settings if left on always, will drain the battery power.

Using Your Phone till Zero Percent Before Charging

This is a very common malpractice and it’s a big no no. Allowing your phone to die before you charge it reduces the life span of the battery. There’s a reason the battery bar turns red when it’s at 15%, it means you should stop using it, and go charge it.

Using an Incompatible Charger or Battery

Most phones come with their own accessories, and they have peculiar specifications. Using a wrong charger on your Phone can damage the battery and also harm the internal components of your Phone. Always endeavor to use the ‘Follow come’ charger, and if it gets bad, replace it only with the original charger. Do not use a fake battery on your phone. The consequences could be quite explosive.

Giving Your Phone a Fever

This goes for those that use their phones till you can literally iron your clothes with it. Wrong! Once your phone starts heating up, gently close all the open apps, turn off data/Bluetooth and the likes, remove the cover and casing if any, and let the phone rest. In severe cases, you might have to turn off the phone and remove the battery if it’s removable. The high temperature is a bad sign, and means the phone needs to chill out.

Binge Using Your Phone

Get a life! Switch off your phone and let it get some rest. It’ll help it work better and last longer for you. You could turn off your phone before going to bed at night and turn it on in the morning, unless you’re using it as an alarm clock, then maybe put it on Airplane mode. If you keep overusing your phone, it’s going to age quickly and stop working well.

So, how do you plead, Guilty or not???

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Tobenna Ezike

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