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7 Useful Phone Accessories You Should Have

Most phones come with basic accessories out of the box. However, to get more out of your phone and enjoy more of the amazing features it has, you will need to buy some other accessories that will enhance its functionality.

Here’s a list of phone accessories you should have.

Phone Cover/Case

A phone cover acts as an extra layer of protection, shielding your phone from damage incase it falls or gets hit. Some phones are so pretty you don’t want to hide them behind a protective case, but if it takes a hit, all that beauty will be gone. Some covers are leathery, while others are plastic. Either way, get something that fits your phone well and covers all the edges and the display (Flip Covers).

Screen Protector

They’re meant to protect your screen. Screen protectors are different from the thin protective thing that was on your phone screen when you bought it. screen protectors are glassy and thick. You’ll never really know the importance of a screen protector until your display breaks and you have to replace it. The cost of a new display will blow you away. Get a screen protector that covers all the sides of your phone’s display.

Battery Bank

Every now and then your battery is going to go low, and you might not be close to a power outlet. A battery bank will help you re-juice, so your phone doesn’t have to go off. They come in various capacities, and specifications. The average mobile phone battery is about 3000mah, hence, you should look out for a battery bank of about 10000mah or more, so it can charge up your phone at least twice before it runs out. Also, get one with more than one USB outlet so you can charge multiple phones at the same time.

Bluetooth headset

If you take a lot of calls probably at work, you might need a Bluetooth headset. They’re also great for playing music especially if you go for the high-end headphones from brands like Beats or JBL.

Selfie Stick

You’ll most likely find yourself taking more selfies than you may have intended. A selfie stick will help you cover a wider angle in your selfies, especially if it’s a group selfie and everybody has to be included in the picture. They’re relatively cheap to get.

OTG Cable

USB OTG (USB On-The-Go) allows you to connect other devices to your mobile phone, including another mobile phone. It might work mostly for Android devices. You can connect flash drives directly to your phone, keyboards, cameras and other peripherals.

Car Charger

You might need a car charger to help you charge up your phone, especially if you’re stuck in traffic or at some place where there’s no electricity. Some of them have more than one USB outlet so you can charge multiple devices.

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