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How To Make Yam-Potato Balls.


How To Make Yam-Potato Balls.

There are a group of people who can give the greatest inventors of all times- the Zuckerberg, Gates, Einstein and the rest- a good run for their money. They are the professional “moms” who are saddled with the arduous task of keeping darting-eyed and adventure seeking children well fed. Our mothers are assumed to be skilled with the super powers of inventing food recipes that the world had never thought existed.

A visit to an adopted aunt this weekend gave me more evidence to validate the assumption. She thought of a way to make food snacks for her children when she stumbled on this idea. Just like an alchemist, she conjured the magic of drawing on the accumulated knowledge of generations and transforming what the Earth offered her,( few leftovers of yam, and potatoes) into a more concentrated form of pleasure and nourishment.

It is a variety of Yam Balls mixed with potatoes. Yam and potatoes are staple foods that can be found in almost every household.

How To Make Yam-Potato Balls.


2 Slices of Yam,

3 Sweet potatoes tuber.

½ teaspoon of salt


2 bulbs of Tomato


Curry Powder



1 bottle of Vegetable Oil

Pepper, what I know as Ata Rodo

½ cup of flour

Raw eggs

Sweet Corn


Spring Onions

Any shredded meat of your choice.


For your yam-potatoe dough: Peel the skin off the yam and sweet potatoes, and rinse.

Cut into pieces and place in a clean pot,

Next, complement with your desired salt quality.

Boil your yam for 10 minutes, then insert your sweet potatoes.

Cook for 10-15 extra minutes.

When your Yam and Potatoes are soft and the water almost dried up. Mash your cooked yam and potatoes till you have a stretchy feel, just like your pounded yam.  Scoop out the paste.

For your filling:

Rinse all your vegetables.

Blend your onions, tomatoes and pepper.

Cut your carrots and spring onions.

Get a sauce pan and fry all the ingredients you want to add, your sweet corn, carrots, spring onions and blended pepper.

Add your salt, curry powder and thyme into the fried sauce fillings.

Now, add your fillings into your yam dough and mould into a ball shape.

Get a bowl, break in your raw eggs and another bowl where you can have your flour.

Dip your yam ball into the raw eggs.

Drop the yam ball dipped in raw eggs, into the bowl of flour.

Heat up your oil and dip fry it till the colour becomes golden brown.

Your Yam Ball is ready for consumption!

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Adepeju Adenuga

Adepeju Adenuga is a writer (considering where you are reading this, makes perfect sense). She holds a Masters Degree in Literature in English from the University of Lagos.



  1. Olafimihan Daniel

    13th September 2017 at 6:51 am

    Wow, could never have imagined something like that. Though I’m not a good cook but will try to give that a try this weekend. Welldone@Adepeju

    • Adepeju Adenuga

      Adepeju Adenuga

      19th September 2017 at 8:49 am

      Thanks Daniel, please do so and write a review of the food in the comment section

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