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Top 7 Back To School Tech You Need In 2017


Top 7 Back To School Tech You Need In 2017

It’s back to School season once again and I’m sure no one wants to show up in school without the necessary tech gear needed to ‘survive in school’. So, if you’re just getting into the university, or you are a returning student and you are quite unsure what gadgets to get for the new school year, check out our list of back to school gadgets.


Your backpack is the first tech statement you’d be making when you step into class, plus it’s going to carry every other gadget you own. So, it’s only wise that you shell out some cash to get something durable. Seeing that the backpack will take your laptop, books, charging cables, pens and the rest, look out for a backpack that has separate compartments for different items inside. If you have some good amount of money to spend, you can get one of these new anti-theft backpacks that also comes with a USB outlet that allows you charge your phone from the bag (you have to connect a power bank to be able to use this).



It’s 2017, books are now more prevalent in softcopy (PDF, Docx, etc), lectures and assignments are done online, at least to some extent they are and Cybercafés are not trending anymore. Hence, you need your personal laptop and they come off a bit expensive. So, if you’re looking to get a decent school laptop, something you can study with, play some games, watch movies and work on your assignments with, go for one with at least 4GB of RAM, Intel core i3 processor, 500GB Hard drive, maybe a 13-inch or 15.6-inch screen size based on your preference and of course Windows 10. Look out for popular brands like HP, DELL, ACER, LENOVO, and of course APPLE.TOP 7 BACK TO SCHOOL TECH YOU NEED IN 2017



In a situation where you don’t want to carry your laptop around, a tablet is a good option. You can do some light work (reading, listening to music, edit documents, etc) with one. Most times, they are just as good as PCs, except for the smaller display, and it’s quite comfortable to use, especially when you’re in public places. In the market, you’d find Windows, Android and Apple tablets. Apple devices are quite expensive, you’ll understand that better as you keep shopping, Android and Windows are moderately priced. So, I’d say, go for either of them, maybe Android, because, it gives you a richer mobile experience, while Windows has a more PC-like experience which can be boring at times.TOP 7 BACK TO SCHOOL TECH YOU NEED IN 2017


Music is everyone’s friend and you can never go wrong by getting a good headset that will make your listening experience enjoyable. You can decide to go for the normal in-ear earphones (the ones with the rubbery thing), or Bluetooth headphones from brands like Havit, Sony, Beats, Samsung or Apple. Always buy quality stuff.


Flash drive/External HDD

Trust me, you’re going to need a flash drive more than you’d need a good pair of shoes. There’ll be tons of files to copy from your friends – textbooks, lecture notes, movies and so on. 16GB of storage on a flash drive should be good enough for you. You can always get more.

The external hard drive is to help you back up the files on your PC so in case something happens to your PC, you’d still have your files intact. The least external storage offering out there is about 500GB. If you have a ton of stuff to back up, you can go for the ones with up to 1TB of storage.TOP 7 BACK TO SCHOOL TECH YOU NEED IN 2017

USB Cables

USB cables always have a way of getting spoilt or missing. It’ll be good if you have back up cables so you don’t get stranded without one. Always get original mobile accessories.Top 7 Back To School Tech You Need In 2017


Battery bank

You won’t have constant power in school, so you’d need a power bank to be able to keep your phone on through the day, till you can finally charge it somewhere. There are power banks by Samsung, Tecno, New Age, Anker. Anker is a pretty renowned brand for power banks. 5000Mah and above should be good enough for you.Top 7 Back To School Tech You Need In 2017


Most likely, your school may not have provision for WIFI or the network services will be poor. If you want to get work done faster, get a USB Modem. You can purchase from the network service providers (MTN, AIRTEL, GLO and others), or go for a universal one that can accept all networks. You can also opt for an affordable WIFI router instead.


Enjoy your school year.




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