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How to Colour Block in Style

Colour blocking has been in vogue for a while now and shows no sign of going extinct anytime soon.  When it comes to fashion creativity the colour blocking is probably the best as it shows off one’s expressive style statement in a unique way.

The colour blocking style involves combining complimentary bright colours /or clashing colours as the case may be in one outfit strategically and still be able to look stunning rather than like a clown. The trick to pulling off this look is by being careful not to be clumsy with colours, as the best way to pair the colour block fashion should be with at least 3 vibrant colours – being minimal works hand in hand with colour blocking fashion.

Check out elegant ways to colour block tastefully.

In most cases, it’s better to stick to 2-3 bright colours if not you might end up looking like a hot mess. Complete the look with either your shoes, bags or jewelry and you could tone it down with one neutral colour. Note that the jewelry should be as little as possible because too much might make the outfit appear alarming.


Mixing with the same shade of colour is another remarkable way to colour block. You could wear a dress with the same colour of your bag or the shoe same colour with the dress or bag.

If you like the idea of colour blocking but the fear of looking like a parrot makes you steer clear of it, then you can never go wrong with the classic all black and white ensemble. Be sure to throw in a bright color with either the shoes, bags or accessories.

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Mix and match bright colours strategically – you could pair red, yellow and green; green, purple and orange; red and pink; blue and yellow etc.

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There are several wears that do all the tough work for you – some gowns come with already beautiful colourful patterns and all you have to do is either go with a neutral colour of shoe or handbag.

Bright colours tend to bring out an interesting appeal while dark colours conceal. Wear a brighter colour over the part you want to highlight in your ensemble and a darker colour over the part you want to mask. Atimes, the less contrast between both colours the classier you will look.


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Wear top and skirt with complimentary contrasting colours. This look would make you appear simple yet super stylish.

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