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Microsoft Pulls the Plug on Its Windows 10 Mobile OS

Since its acquisition of Nokia mobile devices in 2014, Microsoft has only managed to stay afloat in the mobile OS game. Windows mobile and its line of devices didn’t appeal so much to the majority of smartphone users out there, not while Google and Apple dominated the market with their mobile Operating systems – Android and iOS respectively.

According to Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President for Windows, Joe Belfiore, the software giant is pulling the plug on Windows 10 mobile. This means no more new features for users and no new hardware. From now on, updates will focus on stabilizing the OS with bug fixes and security updates. Enterprise users will also keep receiving support for Windows 10 Mobile from Microsoft.

Joe Belfiore reveals in a series of tweets, the reason for the decision, which includes lack of apps, which led to fewer people adopting the Windows mobile platform.

He also admits that he has switched from Windows mobile to a different platform.

However, Microsoft is not backing out of mobile entirely. Instead, they have decided to bring the Windows experience to other mobile platforms. This week they announced that the Microsoft Edge browser will be coming to Android and iOS along with a refreshed Microsoft launcher for Android. Other products like Skype, Microsoft office, Cortana, etc. are still available on Android and iOS and will keep getting improvements.

Nonetheless, you can still hold onto your Windows Phone as Microsoft will still provide support and update patches for it. Or you can switch and enjoy Windows on whatever platform you choose.

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