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Saving Cost of Starting and Running your Business in Nigeria is now real!

It is no longer news that being an entrepreneur is the way to go these days, as unemployment figures continue to skyrocket without hope of dropping in sight. Besides the unemployment worries, many individuals now want to be more in control of their time, hence some who even have a paid employment decide to become entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship as fantastic as it is, comes with a number of challenges, one of such challenges, which of course is not peculiar to Nigeria is capital or startup money. Thankfully there have been increase in angel investors and government programs to fund these individuals.

In Nigeria and some third world countries however, setting up and running cost is likely higher due to the cost of electricity. The cost of purchasing a small power generating set that would power the business premises as well as the cost of buying computers are already on the high. Besides, these computers have to run weekly, and a typical desktop computer consumes at between 100Watts to 300Watts of electricity, besides the monitor that would consume at least 30Watts. So if on the average, a desktop PC consumes 230Watts for 8 hours for 5 days in a week that means 230 * 8 * 5 means 9200Watts which is equal to 9.2Kilowatts. Now multiply that by N8 if you stay in an area covered by Eko Electricity Distribution Company, that means a PC in would cost you approximately N74 every week. If you have 5 of those PCs that means N370. That appears negligible. What if you stay in Lokoja, your tariff for 1Kilowatt is about N23. That means 9.2 kilowatts would cost you about N212 for running a PC and if you have 5 of them, you would have to part with N1,060 weekly. But this is just the cost of running PCs alone how about the cost of buying them? And as we know electricity these days are not stable, hence you may have to look for other sources of electricity, which most times are petrol generating sets. You may want to do the maths yourself. What if you had a PC that would consume only just about 5Watts of electricity? It comes with 2 years warranty, it is brand new, it is noiseless, it could fit into a palm, can allow you share all resources of a desktop PC from hard disk to RAM to Software applications? A device that can efficiently run on solar panels. The answer is TROScloudpc.

The TROScloudpc is an innovative computing device that leverages the resources of a typical desktop device and allows multiple users share the resources of that single desktop PC as they carry out their tasks without issues. Interestingly they are hugely affordable, easy to setup and comes with 7 days a week support, besides the 2 years warranty.

To get these excellent devices, inquiries and information, contact us at or send a mail to or call us up via +234 (0) 705 682 5077, +234 (0) 815 088 6691.

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