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10 Simple Tips to Male Grooming

Gone are the days when men cared less about their looks, if anything, we should pay even more attention. The way you look affects the way you are perceived by people, and this, in turn, affects how they relate to you. This applies to home, work, place of worship, and just about everywhere. Looking good boosts your confidence and motivates you to take on the world each day. And trust me, you’ll enjoy the feeling. Here are a few tips on how to go about it:

  1. Regular visits to the barber: A frequent visit to the barber’s (once weekly recommended) doesn’t only make you look better but fresher. Rather than wait for the hair to get full and bushy, I advise you get it cut before it becomes obvious that you need a haircut. Chances are if people already notice you need a haircut, then it’s probably overdue.
  2. Care for facial hair: Your beard and mustache (if you have them) are some of the first things anyone will notice within a few seconds of meeting you, so it is very important you make it key to make a good first impression. Your facial hair requires as much care and grooming as your hair. Wash, trim and shape them. Ensure they are not too long if you don’t want to risk looking like the reincarnate of an Old Testament prophet. If you don’t like to keep facial hair, then be sure to shave often. Shaving powder, cream or razor, choose what works best for you. A stubble might look rough and most likely itchy.
  3. Avoid causing “Olfactory assault”: Nothing spoils your good looks more than a bad smell; be intentional about your oral health. Things as simple as brushing regularly (twice daily recommended) can change people’s perception of you. Use a mouthwash. If you are one of those few people who have a congenital mouth odour, then seek medical advice ultimately, but in the meanwhile brush well and always have a few minty sweets in your pocket. They come in handy. Wearing clean undershirts and using deodorant will also prevent body odour.
  4. Invest in good shoes: Good shoes don’t always have to be expensive. A clean well-maintained pair will make you look classy and rich. A pair of leather dress shoes for corporate outings and one other – a pair of loafers for casuals. Black would match any colour, and if you can afford it, add a brown pair.
  5. Spend that extra time ironing your clothes: Aside from the fact that you appear smarter in well-ironed clothes, ironing helps protect your fabric and can also be a very relaxing experience. Always use mild starch to add a little crisp and pay attention to the edges when you iron.
  6. Dress smart: You don’t want to go around looking like you have been squeezed into your clothes, and holding your breath so that the buttons and stitches don’t give way, you also don’t want to look like you are wearing hand me downs, so just get the size right. Not too tight, not too lose. If you buy a large shirt, or trousers in error, find a tailor who will fit it, however, there is very little that can be done if you have an undersized piece of clothing. Wear the right cloth size, and don’t sag bottoms, wear them hanging from your waist, not your butt.
  7. Have a signature fragrance: a good scent is a mood booster, it also announces your presence. The fragrance of good cologne makes you simply alluring. Avoid very strong fragrances, as it might not go well with everyone. You don’t want to have someone choking or throwing up at your arrival. It’s very likely that the fragrance will linger for a while after you’re gone, and since smell is the sense closest linked to memory, they can’t forget you in a hurry.
  8. Manicure and pedicure: Short, clean and healthy-looking nails are naturally attractive, have then trimmed, filed and remove cuticle frequently.
  9. Walk tall: It makes no sense at all to dress well, look well, smell nice and walk with a slouch. It simply ruins all the effort. Be conscious of the fact that you look good, they may not think you’re important but walk like you are. It’ll boost your confidence, and they’ll begin to take you seriously.
  10. Smile: A cheerful look is always attractive, relieves your facial muscles, and makes you look younger.

There are hundreds of things you could do to look stylish, important and attractive but these are some of the most important. Make them a habit, and you’ll thank me later.

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Akwaowo Willie

Akwaowo Willie is a social media consultant for several businesses including SMEs and Startups. He is also an entrepreneur and writer with interests in entertainment, media, fashion, among others. He is married, with 2 adorable children.

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