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Still Using Windows 7/8 On Your Pc, Here’s Why You Should Upgrade to Windows 10


Still Using Windows 7/8 On Your Pc, Here’s Why You Should Upgrade to Windows 10

A handful of PC users still have mixed feelings when it comes to upgrading their computers to Windows 10. And this may have been due to the poor impression Windows 8/8.1 left on Windows users. According to netmarketshare, more than 46% of active PCs in the world still run Windows 7, while Windows 8 bows out grudgingly with 5.97%.

Despite the misconceptions, Windows 10 truly is the best operating system yet made by Microsoft. 10 offers tons of new and exciting features and gives you a truly mobile experience. Smartphones have evolved drastically, and PCs along with it, and Windows 10 unifies both worlds to ensure you get the best PC experience.

Here are few reasons why you should upgrade to Windows 10 ASAP.

It’s Free

The windows 10 upgrade is free. You don’t have to buy a product key to upgrade. Although the official time given for free upgrades may have ended months ago, you can still perform the upgrade if you have a valid windows license on your current computer. Download the Windows upgrade assistant or media creation tool from Microsoft if you decide to upgrade.

Faster and More Secure

Windows 10 offers faster boot times thanks to its fast Start-up feature, and navigating through the interface is more fluid and intuitive. There are several improvements to curb battery drain including a more efficient task manager and power throttling. There’s improved multitasking with task view, and virtual desktops help keep your workspace organised.

Windows defender handles security like a pro. It comes preinstalled in Windows 10 and offers protection against all forms of malware, including ransomware, viruses, etc. Microsoft updates the virus definitions for Defender on a daily basis.

Touch Support and Action Centre

Windows 10 has a special tablet mode built for touch-enabled PCs. And in the Creators update, Microsoft added support for pen input along with a dedicated windows ink workspace.

Action center is designed just like your phone’s notification drawer. It holds all your notifications and a few quick setting toggles for convenience.

Universal Apps and Microsoft Store

Universal apps and the Microsoft store may have debuted on Windows 8/8.1, however poorly implemented. Microsoft has hugely revamped the Universal Windows apps and the store and they now offer a great, near-mobile, experience for PC users. You can get apps like Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, Netflix and so on running on your PC like it would on mobile. Great games users love to play are also available in the Microsoft store, along with music, books, and Movies.

OneDrive Cloud Storage

Microsoft OneDrive comes integrated in Windows 10 and caters for your cloud storage needs. Syncing a file to the cloud is as easy as dragging the file and dropping it in the OneDrive folder, then the file will sync across each of your devices that has OneDrive installed. Microsoft offers free 5GB of cloud storage, but you can purchase more if you want. You can also have Dropbox cloud storage installed and running on your Windows 10 PC.

Support for Virtual Reality and 3D Content Creation

Windows 10 now ships with a mixed reality portal where you can have a rich virtual reality experience with a compatible VR headset. Virtual reality has already made the rounds in smartphones, but Microsoft is taking the lead amongst competitors to bring the VR experience to desktop.

The Windows paint app has also evolved into Paint 3D, offering a platform where 3D content creators can truly express themselves.


Cortana is Microsoft’s voice assistant which comes preinstalled on Windows 10. The assistant can carry out simple tasks like web search, setting reminders, recognizing music, sports info, weather, traffic and so on. You can trigger Cortana by saying ‘Hey, Cortana’, then give it a command. With recent updates, Cortana gets even more useful and can help shutdown or restart your PC and control other PC settings.


Windows 10 adds support for DirectX 12 which enables better game performance for PCs. For Xbox users, the Windows 10 Xbox app lets you keep track of friends and achievements. You can stream games from the console to the PC and play multiplayer games with other Xbox users. You can also get Xbox games from the Windows Store.

Edge Browser

The Edge browser comfortably replaces Internet Explorer as the default browser for Windows devices. It offers a faster and smoother experience and is an incredible battery saver. It supports extensions which can be downloaded from the Microsoft store and also doubles as a very capable PDF reader.

It won’t always be free

The free Windows 10 upgrade won’t be available forever. Microsoft could cut the rope at any point and you’d have to shell out a good sum to purchase a Windows 10 product key. December 31st has been rumored to be a deadline for free upgrades. You’d best have upgraded before then.

Windows 10 has so many features that can’t be detailed in just one article. The Start menu has been returned to the Windows 7 style but with a redesign to it, there’s nightlight to control the level of blue light coming from your PC display at night, Windows Hello and dynamic lock for added security and so on.

Upgrade your PC today.

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