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Attend 2017 Financial Inclusion Summit

Financial inclusion is a powerful enabler of inclusive economic growth. Research has proven that access to finance and financial services empowers people in many ways as they are better able to start and expand businesses, invest in education, manage risk, and absorb financial shocks. Financial Inclusion also helps reduce income inequality and thereby accelerate economic growth.

It is in lieu of this, that Lonadek Cedar STEM & Entrepreneurship Hub (CSEH), is organizing an event for financially stable business owners titled 2017 Financial Inclusion Summit, an event geared to inform, sensitize and access the eligibility of business owners and shortlisted businesses this year to get a BoI Loan facilities in  2017/2018 financial year.

Lonadek Cedar STEM & Entrepreneurship Hub are known as incubators for business ideas as they turn small ideas into profitable business plans for large enterprises, as they execute a Memorandum of Association with the Bank of Industry(BOI) to increase SMEs capacity to apply for and secure financing from the Bank of Industry.

DATE: 8th of December, 2017.

Time: 10 Am

Location: Cedar Stem & Entrepreneurship Hub, 12 Jibowu, Yaba, Lagos

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Adepeju Adenuga

Adepeju Adenuga is a writer (considering where you are reading this, makes perfect sense). She holds a Masters Degree in Literature in English from the University of Lagos.

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