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Get Your Skin Ready for the Harmattan


Get Your Skin Ready for the Harmattan

The month we eagerly look forward to is here, and we have every reason to be happy. It’s a month of celebration, family reunions, a month that gives us the excuse to take trips and relax, and of course, the month for cracked lips and dry skin.

December is upon yet again and in the midst of its sweet smell and delightful festivities, let’s not ignore what this season comes with – Harmattan. Just when we thought we escaped harmattan last year, it crept in leaving many people with chapped skin, that’s what happens when you fail to plan, eventually, you plan to fail.

It’s necessary to prepare for harmattan season, because it is usually associated with a very little amount of water in the atmosphere, as a result, the weather is usually harsh and dry, hence, the name dry season – (dry lakes, dry hair, dry skin, dry air etc). It is a period of dryness which means your skin will appear wrinkled, scaly and drier, and this does not affect only people with dry skin, as it’s not friendly to any skin type.

However, most of us might not suffer this fate if we are better prepared and ready to face the weather. All that’s required to keep your skin healthy and protected against the effect of the harmattan is to invest in these seven skin home care remedies, this season.

Use Lip Balms

This season, the gift to give your lips is to invest in this product. Cracked lips are not only sore during this period, but are also very annoying. Peeling or licking the lips won’t be of much help either, and that’s why lip balms are useful essentials, your lips need to survive the harsh weather. You could particularly get a lip balm product that contains dimethicone, camphor, petrolatum, phenol, and allantoin.

Drink water regularly

Most people would say they don’t like drinking water especially because it has no taste, but hey, this is the time to actually love drinking water. This is the simplest home remedy against dryness, as drinking water regularly helps retain the water content of the body, thereby preventing the skin from losing moisture, at least drink 8 glasses of water a day.

Use of daily moisturizing lotions

No one wants a dull, whitish, dry, unattractive skin because that’s exactly what you get during this period, if you ignore moisturizer. To ensure your skin remains absolutely stunning, no matter what, then it is important to always moisturize the skin. Daily moisturizing keeps the skin going as it nourishes it, makes it supple, and retains its elasticity. Make the most of the lotions specially formulated to moisturize the skin for the season.

Make use of natural oils

To enjoy a fabulously smooth and sleek face, natural oils such as Olive oil, Avocado oil, Almond oil, and Coconut oil, should be part of your skin care regimen. These oils are quite effective against dry skin and help keep skin moisturized as well. During the harmattan, make-up should be applied in moderation, as the harmattan doesn’t accomplish the required outcome, so to appreciate a better result with makeup, develop the habit of applying these oils on your face, apply immediately after your shower a night before for best result. Additionally, always remove dirt and oil with a mild cleanser, avoid those with alcohol content as they dry out your skin faster.

Use of Hand creams and lotions

Just as your skin needs moisture, so does your hands as well, and you don’t want the ugly hardness that comes with a dry hand. There are several moisturizing creams and lotions to purchase and keep handy for this season. These creams will ensure that your hands are properly moisturized all through.

Use of milk

You may not know, but milk is said to contain soothing ingredients and anti-inflammatory agents that will stop dry and itchy skin. It also contains lactic acid, which will exfoliate dead and dry skin cells, thereby, improving the skin’s natural ability to retain moisture. Add a few drops of lemon juice plus rosewater to milk, rub it on various parts of your body, and voilà, the harmattan got nothing on you.

The use of Foot cream

Your feet requires moisturizer just as much. Make use of a non-greasy but deeply moisturizing lotion or a Vaseline, you will also need a pair of socks to protect the feet from cold.

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