Connect Nigeria Listings

Connect Nigeria has a huge database of businesses, events, deals, cars and a whole lot of other products and services that are available to a wide audience and users who visit Connect Nigeria every day for information.

With Connect Nigeria listings, you can put up your business, event, deal, car, and more on Connect Nigeria and leverage on our wide audience to grow your business and let more people know about what you do.

Follow the steps below to list your content.

1. Log into your Connect Nigeria account or sign up on Connect Nigeria by clicking on the sign in button top right on the Connect Nigeria homepage.

listings-connectnigeria main page

2. After logging in or signing up, you will see your main dashboard. Click on My listings to show your listings. Then click on submit a listing.

listings myaccount

3. Choose which category of listing you want to submit.

listings myaccount submit listings button

4. Fill out the form with the necessary information and click on the submit button at the bottom of the form to submit your listing.

5. If you head back to My Listings on your dashboard, you will see your new listing.

listiings form - connectnigeria

The listing will be analyzed and the ad will be published on Connect Nigeria. You’ll also get an Email to this respect.

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