If you are experiencing difficulty using the Connect Nigeria site, or want to lodge a complaint/ask questions concerning offers and features, the Connect Nigeria Live Chat is your go to place. With live chat, you can communicate one on one with a site consultant right from the Connect Nigeria homepage to resolve whatever issues you may be experiencing.

Here’s how to use live chat on Connect Nigeria.

  1. Locate the live chat button at the bottom left position on the Connect Nigeria page. The live chat button displays a green color when a site consultant is online, and orange when offline. When live chat is offline, you can leave messages behind, and the site personnel will respond to them as soon as possible.Connectnigeria Live Chat-1
  2. Click on the live chat button. Input your name and email in the space provided, and then click on Start chat. You may choose not to fill in your name and email and start the chat straight away. Connectnigeria Live Chat-2 Connectnigeria Live Chat-3
  3. You can now table your complaints, make enquiries or ask questions on the live chat with the online representative.