The ConnectNigeria Quote System lets you get all the information you need about the products and services offered by the thousands of businesses listed on the ConnectNigeria platform, straight from the vendors, and in the shortest possible time.

This means you don't have to ring up multiple businesses for information when you're trying to compare their products and prices. With just a click, you can get all the details you need from them. It's a quick, comfortable and accurate way of finding out what you need to know about the products available from the businesses that sell them.

Here's how the Quote System works:

    1. If you're a registered user on ConnectNigeria, you may log in to the portal. If you haven't, you can create an account in order to gain access.
    2. This gives you access to your dashboard.
    3. Go to the left corner of your dashboard, and click My Quotation.
    4. Click Request a Quote on the menu that appears under it. This takes you to a pop-up form.
    5. Fill all the fields in the pop-up form, as required. These fields are for the specifications of whatever it is you're requesting a quote for. Click on Send Quote Request button.

    6. After you've done this, the number of businesses that have received your request for a quote will be displayed on the page, under No. of Business Sent.
    7. The businesses which receive your request will get back to you via email with their quotes.

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