ConnectNigeria's products and services are designed to make useful, actionable information available to Nigerians anywhere they are. They're also primed to help businesses reach their target market, and let's people access the products they want from numerous businesses spread across the country.

The following are ConnectNigeria's products and services:

  1. Business Listings
  2. By listing your business on ConnectNigeria, you make it visible to a global audience and provide vital information about your business to a worldwide audience of potential customers, including its products, location, and mobile contact details.

  3. Cars
  4. If you've got a car you'd like to sell, you can list it on ConnectNigeria Cars. This platform brings car dealers to an online market of buyers and makes it easier for people looking to purchase automobiles to find the brands they want.

  5. Deals
  6. Some of the best discounts on products and services you will find online are on ConnectNigeria Deals. Here, you'll discover great deals for things ranging from electronics to events and spa treatments.

  7. Advertise
  8. By advertising on ConnectNigeria, you expose your business to a vast audience of potential customers. Businesses which advertise on ConnectNigeria automatically put their products and services before thousands of our website's users on a daily basis. You can access our range of advert plans, designed to suit your budget and aspirations.

  9. Club Connect
  10. Club Connect is an exclusive club for businesspeople which offers its members huge discounts on some of Nigeria's best B2B services, as well as the chance to connect and form valuable relationships with some of country's most brilliant entrepreneurs and top business executives.

  11. Quote System
  12. The ConnectNigeria Quote System lets you request for, and receive quotes for products you want to purchase, from several vendors who sell that product, just with the tap of a button.

  13. Business Fair
  14. Every year, ConnectNigeria organizes its E-Business Fair. It's Africa's largest SME event, designed to empower small and emerging businesses with the tech-based solutions they need to grow in today's world. It's also a great opportunity for top brands to exhibit their products and services to the thousands of attendees at the fair.

  15. Real Estate
  16. If you've got a house or some other kind of landed property to sell, you can attract prospective buyers by listing it on ConnectNigeria Real Estate.

  17. Jobs
  18. Whether you're an employer looking to hire the best talent for your company, or you're hunting for the best opportunities in the jobs market, you can find what you're looking for on ConnectNigeria Jobs. This service features thousands of job openings; numerous more prospective employees also scour our pages for the latest vacancies.

  19. Events
  20. ConnectNigeria Events is a comprehensive compendium of upcoming events. From trade shows to concerts, seminars to meetups, there's an event somewhere on our list that coincides with your interests. Be sure to have a look at this page to find out what's coming next at a location near you.

  21. Connected Businesses
  22. This feature helps you connect with other businesses listed on the ConnectNigeria database. This will allow you to expand your network and reach.

  23. Recommend a Business
  24. You can boost the credibility of a business on ConnectNigeria’s listing by recommending it.

  25. Claim Your Business
  26. If you’ve found that your business has already listed on ConnectNigeria, this feature on the site will enable you to claim it as yours.

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