We’ve embarked on an audacious journey to make Nigeria easier for individuals, professionals and businesses.

How? By organizing Nigeria’s information so it is easy for people to find and use.

Imagine it. Living in a new Nigeria, where every information is organized and accessible for your use.

You wouldn’t need to spend time and money finding or connecting with businesses around you. It would be easy for you to build your career and grow your business with the right connections and information.

That’s the Nigeria we’re building.

And you can help.

Here’s how.


Know any interesting/useful information that can make life easier for Nigerians or people living in Nigeria? Tell us. Weather it is how to get your passport or driver’s license or where to find a pharmacy in Jos, or if there is a new job opening.

Also, you can contribute by adding businesses, events, deals, articles and more on the portal.


You can suggest to us how we can go about organizing information, or suggest what sort of information we should organize. Simply use the Feedback form on www.connectnigeria.com

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