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45, Industrial Layout, Western Bypass, Minna. Niger State





At Afro Foods we are specifically engaged in the processing of the highest quality, aflatoxin and pesticides free commodity ranging from cowpea beans (which is an international food for every African) of different species such as the Honey beans (Oloyin), Black Eye Beans, the Brown Beans, Peeled Beans, Beans flour etc. We are engaged in the processing and packaging of highest quality Refined ionized Salt, Vitamin A fortified Granulated Sugar, Rice, Whole Wheat Meal, Yam flour (Elubo), Acha (fonio), Yam tubers, Sweet Potato, onions and Spices at affordable prices for all segments of the society. These products are processed and packaged using the most environmentally friendly farming practices With over 20 SKUs currently, these products have generated huge interest in Nigeria and abroad and are sold to major retail outlets across Nigeria and Exported Abroad. We have received commendation and assistance from international Agencies and the Federal Government of Nigeria in recognition of our mission and excellent work of the company in bringing dignity, safety and quality to African food commodities that can compete globally. Our products have gone through the rigors of checks by the regulatory agency of National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC and certified

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