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Ben and Glad's Haven


11a Ojoto Crescent Trans Ekulu Enugu State





Ben and Glad's Haven is a Childcare and Learning Centre that caters for the care and education needs of children from ages zero and above. The centre is divided into various sections: Creche/Playroup/Pre-Nursery (ages 0-3), After-school Care (ages 3-7), Saturday Club (ages 4-16), Summer School (ages 4-16). Our goal is to assist parents in training up their children and give them a trusted alternative so that their minds will be at rest when they have to work or attend to other errands. Our activities are structured in such a way so that it is both fun and educative. For the preschoolers, we help to lay a very solid foundation as we prepare and get them ready for school using mind stimulating play and learning activities (Learning Through Play) For the older children we break there activities into different clubs like : music and dance club, reading club and spelling bee, arts and crafts club, good manners and etiquette club, sports and recreation club, bible club, etc. Through our extra curricular activities, we give the growing a balanced and all round learning experience. We strongly believe that every child has 3 basic rights: a Right to be Loved and Cared for, A Right to a Good Education A Right to Play Therefore we do our best to ensure that every child under our care gets these 3 Basic Rights as much as we possibly can. Thank you!

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