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Lorla Naturals

Beauty and Wellness

Plot 104, Federal Housing Estate by welder Bus stop, Kubwa Abuja





A lot of people, especially women, feel the need to have a flawless skin, so as to boost their confidence, look more attractive and fit better into the society. Unfortunately, alot of them end up damaging their skin through the use of cosmetics made of harsh chemicals. This challenge is what LORLA NATURALS Skincare brand has come to address. We passionately create natural and non- toxic skincare products packed with plant oils, essential oils and earthy ingredients, designed to help reinvigorate the skin, defy aging process and also address skin related challenges such as Acne, pimple, stretch marks, freckles, warts, skin discoloration and the likes. Our brand is aimed at helping both the old and the young, male and female, at home and abroad live a toxic free life even as we educate our clients on the importance of having a toxic free nation.

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