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Urban-Wifey Food Basket


Port Harcourt




Urban-wifey Food Basket is a Retail outfit based in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria and delivers the freshest of food items directly from the farmers/wholesalers to people's doorsteps and at the best possible prices. We have Collaborations with these farmers and wholesalers. Our products ranges from all types of protein, carbohydrates, grains, oil, to Snails, Vegetables, Shellfishes, etc. We have a collaboration with Red Star Support Services, a subsidiary of FedEx that delivers our products to anywhere, raw or processed and in form of fresh, smoked or frozen. Our Customers are mainly middle & high income earners of bulk buying households, busy individuals, especially housewives & corporate women, Caterers, Hoteliers, and other Retailers. Our business saves the farmers the challenge of storage and helps the Consumers of getting these items as fresh as possible, apart from the stress & hassles of shopping for these items and having it at a wholesale price. "Mobile Market" on truck will commence soonest. Our strength lies in products grown within our region such as all types of Seafood, Snails, etc..

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