Criteria For Successful Top 100 Emerging SMES

Step 1: Nomination

  • A Business can be nominated by one or more users.
  • The more times a Business is nominated by different users, the better the chances of the Business getting profiled and progressing to the next stage.
  • The Top 10 most nominated Businesses in each category, that meet the criteria, will proceed to the Voting stage.

Step 2: Voting

  • The Top 10 most nominated businesses from each of the 25 categories will be published on the website making a total of 250 Businesses in all, screened and approved for the voting stage.
  • Users can only vote for a Business once.
  • All of the Businesses in a said category can be considered for the top 100 if they all meet the above stated requirements.

Step 3: Panelist/Judges

  • They will work with the comprehensive profile of the Businesses submitted to them by the Research partners, based on the nominations and voting process.
  • They will collate and filter the best 100 out of the 250 business.
  • The Panelists include: Sawobona, British council, Union Bank, Connect Nigeria, Sleek Studios, SMEDAN among others.


space impact
identifying and acting on new market possibilities
Product quality in comparison to global options
Export Innovation
Business Feasibility and Market Opportunity
Financial Understanding and Leadership
( record keeping and CAC registration)
Revenue & taxation
( sales closed or customer base)
Consumer experience and customer service
Eco possibilities

Please note that all the criteria do not carry the same points .

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