2019 Top 100 Emerging SMEs by ConnectNigeria.com


  • Can the voting be made simpler?

    To vote, all you need to do is to select the business you want to vote for, sign in and submit. That’s all there is to it.

  • Where is the list of nominated businesses?

    Names of nominated businesses have been listed out. Click (https://www.connectnigeria.com/top100/2019/nominate) for the full list.

  • How can a business owner know that his/her business qualified for the nomination stage?

    Kindly visit: https://www.connectnigeria.com/top100/2019/vote. There you’ll find all qualified businesses.

  • Did all the nominated businesses qualify for the voting stage?

    Not all businesses qualified for the voting stage based on the set criteria and objectives.

  • Why can’t I find my business here?

    Any business that is not found after the nomination stage did not meet the criteria and could therefore not proceed to the voting stage.

  • Why can’t I view the nominated businesses from a search box, instead of scrolling through the entire list?

    Presently you can view nominated businesses using web (You can always search your business through https://www.connectnigeria.com/top100/2019/vote)

  • Can my business participate in more than one category?

    A business can be in only one category based on the criteria but can be voted for more than once.

  • My business met all the criteria, and got a congratulatory message but, it isn’t among the businesses to be voted for. Why?

    Some certain criteria was used by Sawubuna (auditor) what you got is not an email notifying of the voting stage.

  • Our business had the 3rd highest vote in a particular category but isn’t up to being voted for. Why?

    A business must fulfill all criteria before it can be on the voting list. Getting the highest vote at the nomination stage is only one of the criteria used.

  • People are ready to vote, but the link to the voting page can't be accessed. Why?

    The link is working and people are voting. They can try with other computers or phones. Voters should go to the voting link, https://www.connectnigeria.com/top100/2019/vote. The link is open until voting ends.

  • What are the criteria to qualify?

    The criteria are as follows: (https://www.connectnigeria.com/top100/2019/criteria)

  • I am having difficulty on voting. What do I do?

    To vote for your preferred SME,
    A. kindly sign-up from the voting page with your email and other information. Then proceed to activate your sign-up in your provided email account.
    B. Or sign-up using any of your social media accounts i.e facebook, twitter, google+ etc.

  • I am currently leading in VOTES in my category, does this mean that I am already qualify for Top100?

    At this stage, Businesses VOTES contest with all businesses in all category. So, there is nothing like category winners yet until the end of the exercises and the business with the highest votes emerges as the eventual Top 100.

  • For other enquiries?

    Send an email to top100@connectnigeria.com OR call us: 0700-800-5000.