How Does it Work?

how it works

We upload your commercial adverts varying between 5 and 60 seconds with scheduled dates and how many groups (50 screens per group). Tablet downloads the commercial adverts and it starts playing when passengers select content. We are building interactive adverts to engage riders using our screens.

Interactive adverts could be:

  • Quizzes
  • Surveys
  • Product Demos
  • Games

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If you provide the completed creative work, there is no charge. If you would like us to handle the design work, we are able to do so at a cost of N50 000. This would include concept, layout, design and user journey. Video editing and photography are not included.

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Geo-Targeted Commercials

geo-targeted commercials

Geo-Targeted Commercials have the ability to target specific locations in order to increase relevance and effectiveness. Commercial ads are given a designated GPS co-ordinate and radius and only display once entered into these zones. These videos can be triggered with different creative for each location and time of day.

E.g. “You are within 2 km of Brand X’s outlet, pop in now and have a cappuccino on us.”

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With Connect Nigeria TV, we try to narrow down the broad view of a topic to be specific to Nigerians.

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