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Business Names

Find for your favourite businesses by its name like nextdaysite, union bank, etc.


Products or services

Search services or products such as schools, hotels, italian restaurants, beauty salons, etc.



Refine the search with the desired location of your businesses, products or services anywhere in Nigeria.


Featured Businesses

These are paid search keywords that will help businesses appear on top once searched.

Search Faster with Autosuggest

CN home now provides a faster way of searching as it can now predict the rest of a word you are typing.

In the example, you can see that typing the letters “restaurant” brings up predictions such as “san francisco weather” or “san fernando mission,” making it easy to finish entering your search on these topics without typing all the letters.

See It In Full Screen

The new CN home features less cluttered and minimalistic design which focuses only on what you need the most like the search, quick links and sliding images with links.

Save your Favorite Listings

You can now save or bookmark any listings that you find important/relevant for your future reference.

Make your Business On Top

Catch customers' attention by making your listing on top of the list with Featured Listing. This a paid feature which let your listing be on the top 3 list from a specific category.

Refine Your Search In A Few Clicks

Narrow down and get a more precise and specific search results by limiting your search to a certain location.


With the term you searched, you can also view latest news, updates and videos.

Discover Related Searches

If you want to compare search items, you can now see searches related to the term you are searching.

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